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Case Studies

"Zoom handles all types of communications for us. Whether you're on a mobile phone or you're in a conference room, you're using Zoom and it all fits together. Zoom is how we get things done around here." Watch the Video

"It was very exciting to see people turn to us and say for the first time they had a meeting that was not only very successful, but they were able to start it very fast." Watch the video

"As the team grew, we needed a video conferencing tool that could grow with us. That's when we made the switch to Zoom."Read More

"With Zoom, we were able to have teachers around the world interact in real time with our classroom."
Read More

"We needed a solution that was simple-to-use, yet provided us with the enterprise-level quality and features." Read More

"The fact that Zoom is encrypted adds to its appeal for meetings in which attorney-client confidentiality is essential." Read More

"When Zoom was introduced, efficiency went up - bottom line." Watch the video

"We increased productivity by 20-39% with Zoom when compared to previous communication solutions." Read More

"Our people like the ease and quickness of joining, and the ease of screen sharing. The UI is much better than most products." Read More

"We've switched to Zoom because it is an all-around high-quality product that's very easy to use." Read More

"Other applications don't allow for multiple members to join in a HIPAA-compliant setting, but Zoom does. Doctor, patient, and family members can be in the conversation." Read More

"Why did we choose Zoom? HIPAA compliance - that was number one. And the patients just get it." Read More

"It's been about 99.5% hands off. People pretty much get their invitation, set it up themselves and they're off and running." Read More

"Unlike our previous systems, Zoom connects easily across room systems, desktops and mobile devices to seamlessly bring together our various campus sites and long-distance participants." Read More

"With Zoom and Kubi, we're putting students in control of their own learning." Read More

"Zoom was an easy choice because we wanted a cloud-based platform that was easy for customers to install and start." Read More

"With Zoom, you can get into a meeting quickly and simply." Read More

"We just click a link and we're in the video meeting. We were using different applications and we had to tweak them to get them to do what we wanted."
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"Zoom is one of the few pieces of software that enables us to reach out and connect to other human beings in a way that makes your life better." Read More

"When compared to other solutions we're tried in the past, Zoom is the easiest one to use and has more flexibility with its account setup" Read More

"Zoom has the complete functionality to aid our teaching process, including a high participant capacity, chat, remote control and a participart list." Read More

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